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photo-9                                                                             Hi I’m Val Jones-Hughes and I began blogging when I found myself wanting record my revived interest in knitting, sewing and generally fiddling with yarn and fabric. I love our travels but they are the kind of travels that would keep no-one other than me interested.

Two things happened in my life to revive my interest in crafting.

First of all I stopped working. I loved my job as head teacher of the wonderful Sandhurst Junior School but it was a demanding life and left me with little time for anything else. I was looking forward to being a  grandmother at some time, and hoping it would be after I finished working … and that leads me to the second event.

When Bethan and Tony told me that grandparenting was imminent I was immediately inspired to start making and of course Bethan had a list of remembered things from her early childhood that she wanted me to recreate.

I discovered Pinterest too and I saw that people are generously sharing their ideas out there on the net in blogs and websites; that there are endless creations and patterns and tutorials. The long dormant ideas and skills and the desire to make was back and as I began I found I wanted to record each little success.

Why Nain’s nik naks? Well that’s the Welsh connection. Although we  spent our working lives in South London we returned to live in my husband’s home town of Aberystwyth in Wales not long after I began this blog. Our families are here in Wales and our son has also come to live in Aberystwyth. Matthew and Bethan spent their school holidays here; with Nain and Taid in North Wales and with Dadcu and Nanna in Mid Wales. My Welsh side grandmother was ‘Nain’ to her many grandchildren. So in keeping with family tradition I have become Nain, not only to Dougie but also now to our two lovely little granddaughters, Heidi and Olivia.








2 thoughts on “About Me – In my own time

  1. Lovely to meet you today Val, hope you feel suitably inspired by the free motion work. Looking forward to the Juicy Jelly workshop next week. Your blog is lovely, thanks for sharing. Kate Higgens.

    1. Hi Kate. Surprised! Lovely to meet you too. I had a great day and came home feeling very positive in spite of some of my early frustrations. Have been surfing looking at fabrics and have bought my feet. Looking forward to Friday.

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