If Winnie the Pooh could knit

…. this would be the jacket he would make for himself.

He would probably sing a knitting hum while he knitted.

IMG_2553‘The more I knit

Tiddly pom

The more the rows.

The more the rows, Tiddly pom

The more it grows

The more it grows, Tiddly pom

The more I knows.’

Anyway, it’s actually Dougie’s summer jacket, knitted in Debbie Bliss Eco Baby cotton and he will look even better in it than Winnie. I hope he loves the fabric covered dinosaur buttons as much as I do.

The jacket has been a long time in the making, there were other projects that kept creeping in and seemed more urgent (like the waistcoat for his outfit for Jeff and Sarah’s wedding) IMG_2519and beginning his new playmat. And it seemed to take such a long time to sew together for such a little garment.

Well it’s finished all in good time; it will fit him for the summer and he will get it before we go off on holiday

To quote wise Winnie the Pooh Rivers know this, there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.’

Ruby, ruby, ruby. Ruby

Wow! Married 40 years ago today. What a milestone and what a difference weatherise. My friend Lynda just reminded me that she arrived at the wedding in Wellingtons and I remember the wind whipping at my veil.

We celebrated a little today with a meal at Loch Fyne and some pre-holiday shopping. Our  real celebration will be our 2 months of travelling in Spain starting in a couple of weeks. Followed, hopefully, by the big move.

No real rubies on the card I made for Jeff. But then buttons are my jewels and red buttons are the best….. And I used my very last vintage red flower button on the card. Now that’s love!

Sew Far Sew Good

I’ve been practising my Free Motion Quilting on and off and in between and I really do think it’s taking shape. I’m almost ready to put some FMQ on to my pinwheel block. I used my walking foot to ‘stich the ditch‘ on the block and I loved it. I used the mega foot to make a whole pile of sandwiches too and it skips along almost by itself. Lovely.

If the FMQ on the block feels good enough I might feel ready to start on ‘Juicy Jelly!’ I stumbled upon  a great website ‘The Free Motion Quilting Project’. It has  endless videos which are really clear (it’s like having Kate in the room showing me how!)

Anyway here are some pics of my latest efforts.

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Knitting only for the next week. We’re off Up North to trade in our trusty caravan and to take our brand new one to new storage in Cardigan. Feeling a pull on the ties to the old van and not sure about a couple of nights out in the current temperatures. We’ve been out earlier in the year but this year is a bit different.  It may well be central heating on full blast.