Back …. but briefly!

It’s been such a long time since I blogged anything but then it’s been a while since I made anything at all. We went off on our shortened holiday to Spain. We had  a fabulous time and it was very relaxing, although there were times when it didn’t feel like it! It was a full and happy holiday.

The crossing on Brittany Ferries ‘Pont Aven’ was lovely especially as we woke on the second day to find the ship being escorted by a large pod of dolphins who stayed with us for most of the morning. Our first few days in Northern Spain were cold and wet but as we drove south on the fourth day the skies brightened and the temperature rose and we arrived in Aranjuez to the heat and madness of the town in the middle of fiesta.

Aranjuez is a familiar stop now but I love the drive through the town: I always think back to the first time we drove in, thinking that we must have taken a wrong turning, that we couldn’t possibly drive a caravan through the middle of the palace grounds! I’ve got to known that the intense inland heat will have me heading for the swimming pool as soon as we have finished setting up.

The Royal Palace Aranjuez
The Royal Palace Aranjuez

On we went to another favourite destination. I do love to visit new places and have often thought it unadventurous to return time after time to the same place. But we have plenty of reasons for revisiting Javea and it has taken a few drives, walks and cycles to discover that it is  a town of many parts.

Three very different parts in fact. There is the seaside resort area, the Arenal. I don’t think that I would like this part in high season but we are lucky enough to be able to avoid that now. At it’s best in the evening when you can catch the last of the sun as you eat at a beachside restaurant. Then there is the harbour end of town with plenty of waterside bars and restaurants and little local shops. I enjoy a cycle down to this area at any time of the day. Lastly and probably my favourite part of town is the old town with its typically Spanish winding lanes with traditional and modern bars and fab tapas and  the municipal market beside the church. There is still more to explore I know and we are sure to do that drawn back by friends and the opportunity to enjoy an excellent game of golf with them at La Sella or Ifach.

This visit was all the better as we were able to spend time with our lovely family. Our daughter Bethan, her husband Tony and little Dougie were spending 2 weeks not far away at a great villa with Tony’s family; his mum and dad, sister and her delightful happy two-year old, Josh. We were able to get together at the beach, for meals and at the villa and had really special times.

Well back to the real purpose of my crafting blog. We got back from Spain and I packed away all my sewing gear ready for the impending move ….. we are still here …. still waiting … move still impending.

I eventually unpacked some of my sewing stuff, enough to get ready for another event. Dougie’s baptism. Bethan had begun to plan for this as a small event for family and a few friends but the opportunity for a celebration couldn’t be missed and it became a huge event. The baptism itself was to be in St Mary’s, Yate,  Bethan’s school church where she and Tony were married five years ago. A party was planned for said family and friends in the school grounds and about a hundred of them turned up for the service, a barbecue and cava brought back from Spain. It took a little organising but was so worth it. It was a fabulous day, the sun shone, the service was lovely, the godparents (Laura and Lloyd, and Ady are just right), food made by us and friends with Jeff and Nick on barbecue duty was relaxed but yummy and Karen surpassed herself with a tower of beautifully blue-iced cupcakes.

I still haven’t got back to the making but I did do a little. Me and Bethan made bunting, I loved doing this and will make it for every possible event. I bought fabric from Aberdashery    to fit in with Bethan’s colour scheme and loved making it.

As always there was something to be learned with a first attempt. This time it was not to choose a fabric with a pattern with a top and bottom. One side of the bunting has upside down elephants! That’s how it had to be if I wasn’t going to waste half of my elephant fabric. It was just right for my red, or so I thought. I’ll know next time.

My other make before packing my gear again was a little pocket for Dougie’s Christening spoon. I wanted to get him a token traditional gift and I decided to combine that with a little of his Welsh heritage. I chose a little silver spoon from the Welsh gift shop Seld, it’s engraved with the words ‘hogyn bach’, little boy.

I decided it needed a little case of its own and chose some blue and white with a little paisley pattern and reverse colours. Here are some pictures.

I hummed and ahhed  about the edging but knew that making some bias binding would be  best (note to self; don’t start attaching bias at the corner ever again – you can’t get the curve, you can see one much squarer corner). The hand embroidered ‘Dougie’ is not the best, never been my strong point! But the  piece is individual and something small to keep and I hope that he will treasure it when he’s grown. When he is older I will tell him how hot it was when I was making it and how I couldn’t sleep because of the heat and how I sat in the garden at 7a.m. listening to the parakeets and hand stitching his name. This was the garden his mummy played in but a garden he will never know because the move will happen soon and he will grow up with his Nain and Pops living in Aberystwyth with a very different garden by the sea.