New House – New projects.

Well we have arrived at the new house. It’s been such a long time coming and there were times when it seemed that getting here was just a dream. We are not number 8. In the first few days we confused the postman and could have annoyed the neighbours opposite in number 8 but they are far too lovely. Apparently our house was built on plot no. 8 but renumbered by the council. Ah well more changes of address to sort out, meanwhile the neighbours and the postman have it covered between them!

We have been pretty busy since we arrived unpacking and putting things into cupboards then taking them out and putting them into other cupboards; arranging and rearranging furniture; hanging pictures, thankfully very decisively and with no disagreement.

But what has made the house feel like home so quickly has been beginning to welcome friends and family and getting to know how the house works for us. The weather was fabulous  when we arrived and we discovered the joys of a south facing garden celebrating and drinking champagne with Nerys and Don. The living space worked beautifully when Bethan, Tony and Dougie came to stay and the family were together when Matt and Arlene joined us. We enjoyed our first walks along the river to the beach with our Kochy family and found good places to eat – the Harbourmaster with Bethan and Tony and Y Ffarmers with Liz and Hilton (sure to become a favourite as it’s so close to home).

First Project

So what was the very first thing I made in the new house? Well I had always planned to make a bumper for Dougie’s cot ready for the first time he slept in it and as he was coming to stay just a week after we had moved in that had to be the very first make. I had bought some seaside fabric in Aberkhan back in March and then I got some pale blue and white spotty in Aberdashery for the border more recently. I had planned some quilting around the boats and beach huts but I am getting better at organising my work and realised that it would be far too complicated in the time available.

The bumper was just about finished in time for Dougie’s first night but there was a hiccough as usual. This one was when Dougie unravelled one of the ties I had made with crossgrain ribbon. The thread was tangled around his fingers so some additional hemming was needed. Another lesson learned.

I’m not sure how far I will take the seaside theme but I love the fresh colours and I will definitely make some bunting like the bunting in the fabric design. I think the blue and white spotty will feature, I think it looks lovely in the border, simple and fresh.IMG_0690

I’m so excited about the many things I can make and do in our new home, some are things that I need to do, but my list of possibilities just grows and grows. I can’t wait but one step at a time. The bumper is just the beginning!