A little bit of privacy please!


There can be only one reason for the builder of our house to have chosen the door of the downstairs cloakroom. He just could not bear to have a door that did not match the others. What other possible reason could there be for a cloakroom off the hall having a glass door?


We could quite get to grips with it when we first saw it but it didn’t put us off the house nor did we feel the need to replace the whole door when we moved in but hanging a temporary curtain there was one of the very first things we did. I had plans to make a hanging for the door but it has taken a couple of months to get there.

I had a pattern in mind and wanted a double-sided piece. I chose some fabric from Calico Kate and got started but realised that I wanted a much more of a blue look for the outside and had seen Moda’s ‘Sunnyside’ by Kate Spain. I liked the blues and yellows in the range and the weather based theme seemed appropriate.  I also knew that if I bought a jelly roll I’d have plenty of uses for the remainder. So that was what I did.

I started by sewing the strips into long blocks and then cut them six and a half inch blocks.

Then it was time to top and tail them and arrange to the best effect …..

… and add the grey sashing and borders.

The quilting was more complicated than it should have been. One side was a pre-cut jelly roll and the other side hand cut strips and I hadn’t allowed for the pinking on the jelly roll so the two sides didn’t quite match up. I decided the only way around it was to quilt the two side separately – twice the time.

I decided on a fan design for the sashing and borders (click to enlarge) and on the blocks alternate stippling and a design I found on Leah Day’s absolutely invaluable Free Motion Quilting Project. This blog is a great place for ideas for every level of quilter, I’ve signed up for the newsletter and love watching the little videos and trying out the ones I think I can manage – and some I absolutely can’t!


Just the binding and the top tabs and the hanging was done. So privacy restored and a little bit of colourful interest added to the down-stairs cloakroom.

Now the next few days are going to be dedicated to finishing my work space and starting a top secret project!

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