Carry on up in Wales!

IMG_2397Waiting to relocate across the border back to Wales meant that getting into patchwork and quilting over the last year was a bit of a double-edged sword to begin with. I’d stumbled upon my new love quite accidentally while trying to acquire some machine embroidery skills and here I was just having found a great place to learn at Yarnia with Kate Higgins and suddenly the long-awaited move was upon us. I so wanted the move but I’d just found something I really wanted to do.  I wanted to carry on but I hadn’t really learned enough of the basics. I know my limitations, yes I could really get on with the help of all those terrific blogs and tutorials but in reality what I would actually do would be spend a lot of time on Pinterest (I could lose hours there) and not much time doing! I had made two quilt tops and was ridiculously pleased with them but had learned how much I have to learn!

Well I have struck lucky again. Not long after the move an email from Aberystwyth Art Centre caught my eye and I had found my new class. So now I have a great new tutor, Melanie Hughes, and a lovely  group of ladies to learn with. Maybe I am lucky or maybe there is something about devotees of quilting, I’ve only met lovely people so far. A little obsessive maybe, but where would the world be without a good smattering of obsessives?

I had to miss the first session since I’d promised a couple of days looking after Dougie (such a hardship) and Melanie very kindly met me early on the second week to get me up to speed with the Arts Centre H&S requirements – has to be done, those blades are sharp and as for those damn dangerous sewing machines! Reminiscent of box moving and gate opening training but I know, I know it really does have to be done. it’s a litigious life.

Four weeks later and I have a new collection of blocks and a raft of skills to make more.

I learned a lot about lining up to get those perfect points (don’t look too closely), I loved making the log cabin blocks and I love the way the dark and light fabrics work together, I certainly wouldn’t have contemplated trying them on my own. Last week there was something totally new and an undoubted challenge.

I think it will take a while to get to grips with paper piecing, starting out without the careful cutting seems like a leap in the dark after such meticulous measuring and cutting but I can see  the possibilities and versatility and will work on it. I haven’t finished the second block but I hope I’ll be posting a pic soon. I’m feeling more confident and have even more projects buzzing around in my head now.

The fabric here is pretty cool too. It’s a Kaffe Fassett design, Aboriginal Dots, that I bought in the totally mind-blowing Calico Kate shop in Lampeter.

I’m so pleased to be ‘Carrying on up in Wales’ and I’m looking forward to learning lots more with Melanie. So here’s to lots more cutting up fabric and sewing it back together again!

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