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Be my Valentine

Another Year, Another Valentine

It was that time of year again. The eve of Saint Valentines day. Time to shut the door of my workroom   and rummage through the bits and bobs. Especially the red bits and bobs.

I’m usually drawn to hearts and this year was no exception. I love using buttons  and the button box (who am I kidding, I do mean button boxes, jars, the odd drawer, oh – and an old leather collar box) is often the first place I turn to.

This year I started by making a stuffed white cotton heart then, from the above mentioned collection I chose a whole variety of white buttons. The only thing they had in common was that they all had four holes so that I could make the  KISSES.        Then at some point I decided it needed one red button. I attached it to the card with yet another button.

There was an unexpected design fault this year! The card was just a little bit unbalanced. It collapsed on to its front no matter how I tried to stand it up. No time to make an improved version though, as usual it was a last-minute make.

Here are a couple of  previous years’ makes.

Ruby, ruby, ruby. Ruby

Wow! Married 40 years ago today. What a milestone and what a difference weatherise. My friend Lynda just reminded me that she arrived at the wedding in Wellingtons and I remember the wind whipping at my veil.

We celebrated a little today with a meal at Loch Fyne and some pre-holiday shopping. Our  real celebration will be our 2 months of travelling in Spain starting in a couple of weeks. Followed, hopefully, by the big move.

No real rubies on the card I made for Jeff. But then buttons are my jewels and red buttons are the best….. And I used my very last vintage red flower button on the card. Now that’s love!

Dydd Gwyl Dewi

Happy St David’s Day


A little bit -dipyn bach- of frivolity this week knitting daffodils for St David’s Day. I was thinking back to school days and the annual school St David’s day Eisteddfod in Neuadd Buddug. I’m much better at knitting than singing, and as for adroddiant (recitals); in those days I would rather have faced dragons than get up on a stage.

I would have loved the chance of a knitting competition!

The daffodil pattern is from ‘Beautiful Botanical Knits’ by Nora Bellows. Follow this link to the pattern.