Crafty – my own making space


IMG_3498I’m so excited about having my own workspace. It’s great to have everything to hand and not to have to put it all away at the end of a session. I could have done it at the old house but there just wasn’t time when I was working and there didn’t seem much point when we were planning to move. Over the last few days I’ve been adding a few finishing touches to my space. I would have loved this when I was a young girl but back then it would have been kitted out with paints, paper, tiles and such like but I would still have been playing with colour and putting patterns together, so not much change really.  I’ve been using the space since we made the table up but I had some ideas for re-purposing some bits and pieces. First of all there were the 2 little Ikea storage drawers. One used to be in my office at work and the other at home stuck away on top of the bookshelves because I didn’t much like how I’d chosen to stain the wood.

This was a really quick and easy makeover. The plain box got a couple of coats of Jasmine White wood stain left over from the garden shed and then I chose a selection of orange/aqua fabrics and drew around the drawers, sprayed with fabric glue and it was done. The second set were left sludgy-blue but covered with some ditsy blue and white fabrics that cheered them right up.

The next makeover was a little more problematic! Jeff had made a comment that made me consider using a the frame of a picture that was damaged in the move to make a noticeboard. I was going to throw it away – although I had liked it hanging on our old bedroom wall I hadn’t been particularly worried about the damage. It wasn’t expensive and I really didn’t know where it was going in the new house. So now I had a repurposed noticeboard in mind. Cork tiles were what I needed but I couldn’t find any locally so I ordered them on the internet. Simple – no! That led to phone calls from the supplier but eventually I got the tiles and set about painting the frame (magnolia would suit better than the original colour) covering the tiles with fabric and sticking them into the frame. Well, trying to turn the fabric with tiles stuck to it and place the ensemble into the frame was like wrestling with jelly but I got there in the end. Then when we went to screw it to the wall the tiles and fabric decided to part company with the frame. Next up a pot of evostik. For once I read and followed the instructions and opened all the windows but even so I nearly passed out from the fumes and thought I might have an asthma attack (and I’m not asthmatic)! Won’t be rushing to use it again! Well the result is I do have a notice board. It would actually have been cheaper to buy one but I guess that is not the sole point of repurposing.

Once the board was up I popped in some pins and then had another thought. How much more nifty would it be in a sewing space to have button push pins. Out with the glue gun and the button box.


The room is south facing so it is usually light and bright but for when it isn’t and for working in the evening Jeff has installed some really good lighting below the wall cupboards and hidden them behind a wooden slat.


The light is really good at any time of day or night.

But best of all is the table. It’s huge. It easily accommodates my machine and my large cutting mat. When I need to I can put my machine away and really spread out. Best of all are the two Ikea trestles. They can be raised and lowered which is fantastic. When I have a lot of cutting to do I can raise the table up to standing height then lower it again for sewing. It isn’t difficult to do either.


I was going to paint the table top but the lovely lady at Aberdashery suggested covering it with calico. A fabulous idea, it looks and feels just right, it’s none-slip and can be replaced easily if needs be.

IMG_3507There is plenty of storage. As well as the shelves and cupboards of the units there are two Ikea ‘Benno’ CD racks that are just right for fat quarters.

You can see the old  Singer sewing machine at the bottom of the picture . My daughter spotted it for sale in Aberdashery. I love it and although is does work it’s really  just for decoration.

Just to the right is the bag I made for carrying my cutting mat around. It has pockets for my rulers too. It’s really useful for taking out to classes.

I love having lots of hooks and pegs around too. I know exactly where everything is and all the things I use most often are right there close at hand.

Jeff gave me the black rustic nails he had bought to hang his aprons, they were just perfect for the little hang-up baskets. I’ll buy him some more when we next go to Machynlleth.

IMG_3508One last indulgence. I did buy a new chair. Here it is.

Next steps

I know I’ll make lots of little adjustments as time goes on, in fact I’ve already tidied the stack of fabric on the top shelve since I took the photos – and decided on a way to fold it consistently. The only thing I would really like to add would be a really retro looking wooden ironing board!

I’m working on a couple of quilts at the moment and have such a long list of projects in my head. I might just be spending a lot of time here – and enjoying every minute of it.


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