Dougie’s Puff Quilt

Dougie's Puff Quilt

The first puff quilt I made was some 30 something years ago when I was refurbishing the old family crib for my own soon to be family.

I made others for friends soon after but a quilt was one of the things Bethan wanted me to make for the new baby.

The bright green fabric was chosen to match the old nursery chair we had re-upholstered and then there were the zoo themed fabrics and a few ‘quieter’ toning ones.

They were mostly Riley Blake prints from the wonderful Prints to Polka Dots website.

There are lots of tutorials for Puff Quilts on the web, many of them on Pinterest. I didn’t take any photographs while I was making but here as some simple instructions.

You will need:

  • Backing fabric (enough to back the quilt and give a border).
  • Lightweight calico for the reverse of the puffs
  • Polyester wadding of your chosen weight.
  • Fat quarters of your chosen fabrics.

The size of the quilt can be whatever you want it to be, as can the puffs. I chose to make mine 10cm square; the quilt was made to measure for the cot.


  • Cut 10 cm squares of calico for the backing
  • Cut 11 cm squares of print fabrics
  • Cut 10 cm squares of wadding
  • Pin the squares together with a tuck in the centre of each side, making the corners match.
  • Hem 3 sides of each square with half centimetre hems
  • Fill squares with wadding
  • Hem the last side (with centre tuck)
  • Arrange the squares into your desired pattern
  • Sew squares into strips and strips together taking care not to let the seams show on the front of the quilt.
  • When the puffs are assembled cut the backing fabric to the right size allowing for your required border and seams.
  • Place the backing and the quilt together, right sides facing.
  • Sew together along the two long sides then turn to right side and press.
  • Turn the top and bottom borders and mitre the corners
  • Sew the top and bottom borders by hand.
  • If required stitch invisibly through front to back at intervals to keep the layers secure.

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