Hugs and Kisses Quilt

Hugs and Kisses Quilt

I’ve been looking forward to another day of patchwork at Yarnia and I had decided to make a cot-bed sized quilt for Dougie. On a trip out to Bradford-on-Avon Bethan took me to Jumble Jelly, a shop not to be missed if you are ever in the area. I found a Riley Blake half jelly roll that I like the look of and rather than a plain fabric to go with the jelly roll a lime green and white sort of a check pattern.

When Friday came the day certainly didn’t disappoint. It flew by and I enjoyed every minute and I learned lots of new skills and techniques from Kate. As usual the company was good and Trish looked after us very well.

It’s all in the cut!

I had no preconceptions about how the patchwork would be put together but when Kate directed us to make ‘tubes’ out of six strips of fabric I was intrigued.  I learned to sew each set of strips together starting each new one from the opposite end so as not to create the ‘banana effect’. Then all was to be revealed when Kate showed us how to cut the fabric tubes on the diagonal and they opened out into perfectly formed diagonally stripped squares. Four of these squares were to be sewn together to make a larger square and so on.

I chose a symmetrical layout with matching opposite pairs.

Later this proved a little tricky and I had to make the decision to have two rows of symmetrical with a middle row of randoms since I didn’t have enough matching squares. Maybe I’ll get to grips with patchwork maths when I have a little more experience!

hugs and kisses


On Friday I got as far as sewing some of the blocks together; the rest would have to be done at home. I haven’t wasted much time and here are all the blocks sewn together with the matching pairs at the top and bottom and the randoms in the centre.

Kate’s Challenge

As we cut each tube we were left with triangles that were too good to be wasted and Kate challenged us to find a way to use them. My quilt at this stage is squarer than I intended so I decided to join my triangles into two strips and add them to the top and bottom. It was trickier than I thought it would be and I’m sure and experienced quilter would have had a method but I got there with only a few of my joins being a bit out.


So far, so good. I’m pretty pleased with it really, although it’s not as flat and smooth as my Juicy Jelly quilt.

I’m now thinking  about whether to add more around the edge to complete the border.




5 thoughts on “Hugs and Kisses Quilt”

  1. What speedy piecing! I love the border. Don’t worry too much if not completely flat, you should be able to lose any slack in the quilting.

  2. I’ve inly just seen this- don’t know how I missed it. I showed Dougie and he loves it. He thinks he has avert talented Nain x

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