In a house by the sea

IMG_0690   Cot bumper I’ve already blogged my very first make when we moved to Rhydyfelin; it was a cot bumper for Dougie’s first visit.   Dougie's nursery   The seaside themed fabric seemed just right for his visits and a change from his jungle themed room at home. I had made up my mind that before he came for Christmas I would use more of the fabric to brighten up the room a little.   Making curtains wasn’t an option as I still haven’t decided what to do about the quirky window. I do like it, it has a bit of character but it needs a little bit of thought. Inspired by my daughter, Bethan,  making lampshades for their family room I decided to give that a go and to make some bunting in the seaside fabric and some co-ordinating patterns as well. His Christening party bunting is up in his room at home so it felt right – and it’s an easy,  speedy way to add a bit of colour. I found a drum lampshade kit in The Deco Shop in Machynlleth. You never know what you will find there and for all it’s so tiny I don’t think I have ever walked away empty handed. Making the lampshade was fiddly and I could have done with a third hand but it wasn’t difficult and I intend to do it again. Jeff suggested maps ….. watch this space.

4 thoughts on “In a house by the sea”

  1. Dougie told me that he likes his room at Nain and Pops’ house. His tree looks good in that photo too.. I did the shade for the hall his evening whilst waiting for the water to heat up (forgot we turned it off whilst away!). Fabric looks good but I haven’t done a very good job. This is partially to do with the poorly cut fabric I bought; I was unable to get the pattern where I wanted it because it was cut so badly.

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