Nice Needles

Yesterday I finished my new knitting needle roll. My old one looked like something the dog brought in. I made a whole batch of them for a school fair and mine was a bit of a reject even when it was new!


I used parts of 5 fat quarters from my stash, I love them all but especially the retro outer fabric. I saw it first in Aberdashery but when I went to buy it it was gone. I can’t operate a ‘buy it when you see it’ policy with fabric – there’d be no room for anything else in the house. Happily I did find it again in Ray Stitch in Islington. I used calico for the linings – I love calico, and not just for linings. The outside is quilted using a thin batting and I practised some free motion quilting following the pattern on the fabric.

Of course I chose buttons for the closings. I had been thinking orange but I had hardly any so I plumped for pink/red colours, I like the way they pick up the red from the fabric. Sadly I have used all but one of the vintage flower buttons. I actually bought them, along with some others, at the very same school fair mentioned above! Cards of 6 buttons cost 10p and back in the 70’s that was a giveaway. I might just go into ‘grumpy old lady’ over the price of buttons.

The roll has plenty of space for all my kit with 3 layers of pockets and the bottom 2 having a variety of sizes of pockets to accomodate a  variety of tools. There’s a flap at the top to prevent needles slipping out and that is held at each end with poppers. I’ve used the plastic ones again, but only because I’ve got them. I’ll definitely be looking out for good old-fashioned metal ones with a satisfying ‘snap’! Under the flap I’ve sewn a length of tape measure decoration that I found in Papillon, Greenwich on Wednesday. It has repeats of 10cms so it can be used as a measure.

I haven’t got any photos of the process to make this a tutorial but I have a suspicion that it won’t be the only needle roll I make, so next time! I have a few improvements to make already. I think I need to sew a line through the sandwich to stop the inner fabric creasing; I’ve got some ideas for better button loops and I also fancy adding a flap for pins and needles.

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