Circle of Geese

IMG_3902Choice is important but sometimes makes things just a little more difficult. I’ve done just that with this block. Now I have two possible centre blocks for my Scrappy Quilt. I can see that I’ll be laying out the blocks and strips and annoying friends and family in the quest to decide because I really like both blocks.

Paper Piecing

Paper pieced Pineapple block
Paper pieced Pineapple block

After making the Pineapple block and the revelation of paper piecing I decided on the circle of geese that I found on  Chasing Cotton blog spot via pinterest. I loved Bec’s grey and aqua colour scheme and grey would have been great with the orange too but I had my scrappy quilt in mind, so white background it is. The actual paper pattern came from Piece by Number where there are lots of lovely free paper piecing patterns. There are terms and conditions for use but for personal use its fine. I did find in cutting the  suggested 3″ x 5″  pieces weren’t quite big enough for some pieces and I found it easier to cut as I pieced. It was easy with the white background, I could see the lines on the pattern quite easily.

IMG_3901The block was made in quarters, all the same, then aligned to create the circle before joining them.

I did perforate the patterns before sewing and it made trimming the pieces, and removing the paper from the finished block easier but I don’t think it’s always necessary.

I really do like the finished block and I enjoyed the process. Making a whole project with paper pieced blocks will certainly take longer ( no quick chain piecing) but I think it will be very satisfying and can be stunning and of course the design possibilities are endless.IMG_3906

I will be so pleased to be adding paper piecing to my repertoire of skills but I’m going to need just a bit more practice to get it under my belt.

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