Jungle Path

Jungle Path


One 4″ square for the centre.      Two strips 4″ x 1.5″ in link fabric

One 5″ square in second fabric   Three strips  5″ x 1.5″ in link fabric

Two strips 10″ x 2.5″ in second fabric


Sew two of the 4″strips to the  sides of the centre square IMG_3804

Add the 5″ strips to the other two edges.


Sew the third 5″ strip to one side of  the 5″ square then cut in half as in the picture.


Attach the two halves to the block so that it looks like this.

Jungle Path


To complete the block sew a 10″ strip                                                                                    to the block like this.                

I’m making 16 blocks with the ‘Locally Grown’ by Marisa and Creative Thursday for Makower and a couple of odds and ends. They’ll be linked with the Makower yellow and white. ‘Jungle Path’ is a pattern from Moda Bakeshop’ there are some great patterns, or ‘Recipes’ there.

The blocks will make up a baby quilt for Harry. I was planning to begin right after Christmas as Harry wasn’t due to be with us until next week but he’s been here for 6 weeks and having begun life tiny he is growing fast.

So I’d better get a move on.

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