Plenty of Patchwork

I now have two quilt tops waiting for the next step and although I want to get on with them I want to be able to do some quilting and maybe even some free motion work on them. I’m reluctant to go ahead until I feel a bit more satisfied with my efforts.

So, because I want to keep on making patchwork but don’t want a pile of quilt tops waiting to be finished,  I have made two decisions this week.

Firstly to start a scrap quilt to work on as I go, using up lots of scraps.

Secondly  to make some quilt blocks as samplers. This way I can practice my cutting and get my sewing accurate and maybe learn a bit about drafting too.

The First  Block

I chose a Pinwheel design as my first block. Why a Pinwheel ? No reason really, it was the first one I found when I started looking, I could have looked some more but I know myself too well. I could waste hours deciding so I decided not to!

I chose a plain fabric and two patterned. I’m loving orange at the moment and there seems to be quite a bit in my stash. The squares are cut in 2 sizes, you could use a charm pack and trim some.

I chain stitched the squares, I love using the tips Kate taught me!

… But I hit a snag here – I’ve lost a machine foot. How? I know I change them a lot but I usually put them straight back in the box, after all it’s right there. SO  annoying. I had to use my quarter inch foot, not ideal but ok, it’s done.


I needed to lay out the pinwheel to piece it together otherwise I could have spent as much time undoing and  redoing as I have with this blog post!

I joined the centre four first then the two above and below.

I was very aware of getting the points joined neatly but I remembered what Kate had said about pressing the seams in opposite directions, lining them up and a gentle stretch where necessary and it all seemed to come together pretty well.


 Scrap Quilt

I’ve accumulated quite a pile of scraps recently, I refuse to throw away anything remotely useable. I’ve seen numerous scrap quilts in my browsing and decided to try to use the scraps as I go. I decided on 2½” square, which means I can use jelly roll scraps, and make strips, one was left over from the juicy jelly border. The strips will have sashes and a border of solid fabric and a patterned binding . Here are my strips so far.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

An early afternoon walk in the unseasonable sleet gave me a bit of planning time. All in all a productive Easter Saturday afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Plenty of Patchwork”

  1. I was going to pass on a few hints but really doesn’t look like you need any! I always use my quarter inch foot for this type of chain piecing too, keeps it accurate. An alternative pin wheel for a change is to put two squares together and sew all round the four edges, again using a quarter inch seam, then cut a diagonal both ways and open up. No real difference in speed but nice to know a different way! Happy patchwork x

    1. Hints and tips always very welcome! I’ll give that a go. I’m really enjoying my sewing I’d love to be joining you at the year-long in Yarnia but it looks as though we might be moving soon! Hope the prep is going well.

  2. Looks really good. Know what you mean about orange. I have never really liked it but loving it right now. Not sure it’s a colour is wear though.

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