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Little Jockey Wrap

IMG_4052It’s been all  about the sewing lately. Knitting has definitely taken a back seat. The last knit was the Christmas Elf so it was high time I did some real knitting.

IMG_4031So a jumper for Dougie then. I love knitting with Sublime baby cashmere merino silk. It lives up to its name.  Last year sometime we saw  a sample knitted up in Clare Wools on Great Darkgate Street and loved it.

sublime-book-653The pattern is from the Ninth Little Sublime Hand Knit Book, which is all patterns for boys. Now there’s a rare thing!

It’s a deceptively simple 4 row pattern worked with 2 strands of yarn which gives  a lovely texture to the finished knit.

I enjoyed knitting it but the collar was a fiddle to fit and I nearly forgot to add the gorilla button when it was finally in place.

Dougie looks very snug in it but I don’t know how he feels  – that’s his  ‘Uh oh’ pose!IMG_0333

Ellyll ar y sylf – Elf on the shelf

Ellyll The Elf has arrived. Late. He’s been a long time coming; a long time in the planning and a long time in the making. A long time in little pieces.

I do like him after all, I was a bit worried that his expression would reflect the one on my face for most of the time I was making him.

Not my favourite kind of knitting, all those bits, a disproportionate amount of stitching and fiddly stuffing with hidden pipe cleaners and a beany bum!



Just look at the muddle he once was!IMG_3566 The bit I did like was making his toes curl. His shoes reminded me of some I made for a friend back in college days. He made  a perfect larger than life-size elf.

He is the perfect size and proportion,  so many thanks to Phoenix Knits for the pattern (found on Ravelry).

IMG_3567I know he is very much appreciated so he was worth every minute but I don’t think I’ll be going into mass production any time soon. I know he’s been getting up to mischief already, last night he stole the chocolate!  I’m sure he’ll go on to give many years of Christmas fun.

Who stole all the chocolate?

I wonder if he has an elf-name yet? Have fun my little elfin friend.