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This peg bag is quick and easy to make. I’m really pleased with the trigger hook and eye attachment, it makes sure that the peg bag is secure on the washing line however hard the wind blows. For the full post on the peg bag please see here.

You will need 2 fat quarters of fabric, one for the outer bag and one for the lining and 15 inches of binding. You can use ready made bias binding or make your own. I did some of each.

A nine and three quarter inch piece of broom handle or 1 inch diameter dowel.

One trigger hook and one suitable sized screw-in eyelet.

From each fat quarter:                                                                                                      Cut

One 10″ x 10″ square for the front

One 10″ x 14″ rectangle for the back and dowel pocket (the top and bottom are the 10″ edges)

Three 10″ x 3.5″ pieces for the sides and base

Binding 1″ x 15″ bias cut is best, but it is possible to manipulate a straight cut piece.

 Please click on any image to enlarge.                                                            Make a template for the opening on the front.    Place the two 10″ x 10″ pieces together, wrong sides facing. Fold the front in half and pin the template at the crease 2′ from the top edge. Cut around the template to create the opening.

Turn and press a quarter inch fold at one end of the binding and starting with that end  pin in place around the open in front as in figure one.Sew the binding in place using a quarter inch seam and trim off any excess binding.  Press the binding into the centre, fold over and pin in place as in figure two. Hand sew the binding in place on the lining side .

Sew using three quarter inch seams throughout unless otherwise stated.                                                                                                                                    Make the lining bag first. Start all of the seams a quarter of an inch in and finish a quarter of an inch before the end.                                                      Take care not to catch the front of the outer bag

IMG_1765Starting with one of the side gussets and with right sides together sew the long seam.




IMG_1766Sew the short side of the base gusset to the bottom of the side gusset ending with the needle down. Turn to sew  to the base of the front piece, lining up the       pieces  as you turn the right angle.

IMG_1767Sew the second side gusset in place on the other side in the same way.








Sew the longer back piece in place so that the extra 4 inches is

IMG_1769in place at the top of the back to make the tube for the dowel rod.






Make the outer bag in the same way so that you have two bags joined at the opening





Snip the corners of both bags.




Turn the bag right-side out and then push the inner bag inside to create the lining.




Press the seams and turn a quarter inch seam all the way around the top edge of the bag.




Pin the edges together and sew around as close to that edge as possible. Now the bag is ready to make the tube for the hanging rod.



Pleat the top edges of the side gussets and pin in place.




Fold the  top flap down over the front of the bag. Pin this flap in place, removing the first set of pins as you go.

IMG_1783 IMG_1784 IMG_1787 IMG_1788


Sew the flap in place, sewing immediately over the first row of stitching.



Strengthen the seam with a second row of stitching a quarter of an inch away from the first row.



Give the bottom of the bag  more shape by sewing around the base piece.



Sew a quarter of an inch ridge around the base, starting a quarter of an inch in and turning each corner a quarter of an inch before the end.



Cut a nine and three quarter inch piece of broom handle/dowel and insert into the tube. It should be a tight fit.


Mark the centre of the hanging rod and prepare to screw in the eyelet. I found the compressed wood very tough and made a hole with a mini drill.



Prise open the gap in the eyelet in order to attach the trigger hook and then squeeze this closed again with pliers. IMG_4972And there you have your peg bag. My sister chose this Sock Monkey in Blue from Robert Kaufman fabric. Fun!

As for my sisters-in-law one chose  a ‘socks on a washing line’ design and the other a handbag print (she loves her handbags!)

I’ve made two for myself! One for home in a favourite fabric and one for our caravan.

I think that’s enough peg bags for now but I’m sure there will be more in the future.


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