Christmas Cowl


For Christmas 2012 I wanted to get back to giving some handmade presents. I don’t think I’ve done that since college days and that wasn’t for financial reasons.

Looking back, creating a stimulating learning environment in my classroom was excitement enough, then amusing and clothing two young children took over. Keeping up with two growing youngsters and keeping up with a class was more than enough excitement. There wasn’t much time for making an effort with handmade presents.

I have to admit as responsibilities in my working life grew if the idea of crafting something crossed my mind it was quickly overtaken by something else, and when the holidays came, they just went!

I love that I’ve started not only thinking about making things again but am back to always having something in hand and a whole long list of things I’d like to do.

And I can’t resist looking for more.

Oh dear, back to not having enough time, maybe I’m just programmed that way!

I didn’t start making for Christmas until we got back from our travels in Spain at the beginning of November so to make a start I needed to get on with it. When I saw the ‘Fear of Commitment Cowl’ on Pinterest I thought it would make a great present . It’s designed by Julia Weisenberger at I found it on All Free Knitting.

I knew this would be a quick knit, that it would look beautiful and be very wearable. I knew who to make it for too.

To make the cowl I chose Sirdar Big Softie yarn, pink for Arlene, green for Bina and cream for Bethan. I knitted on 10mm needles and t was so quick to make. Four balls of yarn and an evening’s knitting and a cowl was made. The pattern is a seeded rib, simple but effective. Big Softie is just that; chunky and comfy to wear.

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The toggled button is a great idea; it means that you can style the cowl however you want it, close and snug or worn like a collar or a shrug. We found at least five ways. I was very pleased with the results. I hope the recipients were too. I hope to hand make more presents next year, some knitted, some sewn. But one thing is certain – I’ll be starting a lot earlier this year.


One thought on “Christmas Cowl”

  1. Love mine and wear it all the time. Just want to point out I had a 5 week old baby when this pic was taken- hence I look a little rough…well that’s be excuse 🙂

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