Curtain Call

Creating the first bed in the garden could definitely be counted as a displacement activity. I needed a break from curtain sewing. I was enjoying making the curtains but I’ve never done such a long stretch. Four half length windows, all wide enough for each curtain to be a drop and a half, and a large french window.IMG_0703 It was taking me some time matching one of the fabrics to join the drops, it was certainly a challenge; seemed to go on for ever but now I can say very worthwhile.

It helped that only 3 of the pairs needed such careful matching (positive thinking). We had chosen two different fabrics for the two ends of the room. These pebbles for the living room end and stripes in the same IMG_0729 colours for the dining room end. The stripes were a doddle in comparison even though I did make sure the stripe sequence followed through. The uneven rows of the pebbly fabric are a bit of a challenge to my slightly obsessive ‘straight eye’ too!

Both fabrics are Laura Ashley, another local Welsh resource gone global. Expensive, but I do love the quality of their fabrics, it’s good and heavy linen and it hangs really beautifully. Never buying at full price and collecting points both help a bit.

I was measuring, pressing and mitring extremely carefully too so all in all progress was slow. I’ve been used to one or two pairs of curtains at a time not five! And what a lot of gathering – not my favourite job, I can’t say I’m ever totally happy with the result (the obsessive thing again).

We opted for rails rather than poles on all of the windows except the french window this time. I think I like poles better if you are reading this Jeff. I might find myself wanting to change the rails when we decorate the room. But for now I don’t find them unacceptable so the rails will be fine and I can always focus on the lovely chalk-white pole on the french window when I need to.

I do love the fabrics, both of them, and I’m pleased with the curtains and that they were finished before the nights started to really draw in. The colours are fresh and clean and keep the brightness in the room but it does feel cosy with the curtains drawn; blue isn’t necessarily cold. I’m going to change the cushion covers on the couches now, I’ve always thought them a bit stiff. I’ve bought a nice soft woollen Melin Tregwynt one in a lovely denim blue colourway and have ordered three more from TJ Davies in town. Melin Tregwynt is a fabulous Welsh Woollen Mill near Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, their updated designs have been experiencing something of a revival since people have become more interested in local, quality hand crafted goods. I remember having a handbag in one of their really traditional designs back in the 60’s, it would be really cool to have it now.

I bought some fabric for the other cushions but I don’t think it’s got enough ‘pop’ to make it right. I’d like something with the blues but a dash of red to make it sing out. I have a few places to visit for my search. We picked up the cupboard’s sawn-in-half top and plinth from the joinery on Friday so the room is almost finished now. The last job is the largest and most expensive but I can’t wait until we get our wood burner fitted. Our builder called in today to talk about it so we are almost there. Off to Llandysul on Saturday to order it. Very exciting. Thinking about wood storage now – it’s a different world!

4 thoughts on “Curtain Call”

  1. Hi Val,
    So pleased that you are not getting bored in your new house. Hope the old boy is being given lots to do- would hate to see him getting too obsessed with lowering his handicap. The curtains look lovely-great job. If you have a few hours we could do with a new set to fit our bay window- 9 foot drop and a width of about 18 feet; then we need a matching set for the French windows- same drop but about half the width. We have found a lovely spotty (large) material! Give us a quote??!!
    Dave x

    1. Distribution costs from this far-flung Welsh outpost are inhibitive unfortunately Dave! Getting bored? I can’t believe that I still don’t have enough hours in the day. Jeff is doing all the usual new house things, bit of digging, lots of pictures, shelves and of course curtain rails to put up. Not quite living the golfing dream yet but getting there. Playing a few holes tomorrow, Welsh weather allowing.
      Hope matching up the spots works out.
      Val x

  2. Always a hard job to get them right as any mistakes jump out at you though no-one else would know. Helped Patricia cut and put together curtains for Lucy and Gordon’s bedroom today – full length and double thickness to keep out the early morning sun. Weigh a ton! Can’t hem and hang as we are to help them decorate then fit new pole, but pleased with them so far. Old gold/mustard textured fabric to pick out colour from new Next chequered duvet cover. Thought we’d come to an end of curtain-making but that is another 3 pairs for Lucy’s expanding house!

    1. My biggest problem is reminding myself that the rows of ‘pebbles’ are not straight and are not meant to be. Next curtain job is shortening some of our old house ones for Matt and Arlene, they are too good not to use but we don’t need so many bedroom ones here. We have some flash solar powered blinds in our new bedroom!

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