Gardening Rocks

IMG_3206Starting out on my new garden I’ve decided that the making of it definitely fits the bill for recording in my blog. I have a great blank canvas and I will certainly need to use every drop of creativity to make it into a garden. There are some challenges. The shape is not the easiest, with the plot being wide and open to the side and front of the house and going up hill to a point at the rear. I have found with the first bit of digging that planting will be more like quarryingIMG_3198 than gardening. This is just a portion of the four bucketfuls that came out of my first bed! The collection is sitting on top of the only original feature in the garden; a massive rock that  we couldn’t move if we wanted to – just as well we like the rock just where it is. Apparently when it was unearthed during the building it was an object of desire for many of the neighbours but fortunately for us the builder decided that it should stay right here on the plot of it’s origin. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to build a bed around it.

I’m not going to do much more for a while, we are going to attack the slope with a little digger, build a retaining wall and make our patio a bit bigger and have some steps going up the rest of the slope. But I couldn’t wait to make my mark and set about choosing some plants. The first one that caught my eye was a physocarpus and I really liked it.


The size I wanted cost about £14 in both of the nurseries I checked out but then the lovely Saturday morning plant man by the market hall had one and I bought it along with a smoke bush and some pretty orange geums all for £14. A bargain especially with a little cotoneaster and two other little unknown plants thrown in for free. Very pleasing! (In addition when I went to pick up my plants after shopping he had found my watch in amongst his plants. (I must fix the strap).

I worked for a while on taking the turf off my marked out shape but it was really tough going and I was really glad when Jeff came home and took over, even he couldn’t finish in one hit.  Once the turf was off on the following day I dug in 5 bags of lovely organic compost and placed out the plants. I really don’t want to lose anything I plant, I’m trying to choose wisely for the area and positions in the garden so I planted carefully with ‘fish, blood and bone’ and back filling with good compost. I had also bought miniature daffodils bulbs (I love them) and 3 varieties of allium.

A little sharp sand and checking the depth before planting the bulbs and then covering the whole bed with bark chippings.Image 12-10-2013 at 23.51

I’m very pleased with the bed, it looks a bit sparse at the moment but the planting is designed to fill out and have variety in heights. Looking forward to watching its progress.

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