Loving My New Pfaff

IMG_1070I’m having so much fun

with my new sewing machine. And just look at this!

I’m obviously in very good company.  I’ve no idea when or where it was taken but apparently it was well known that John Lennon liked to sew.

Good choice of machine John!

Just One More Cushion!

While I’m on a roll! I might as well do the last planned cushion. This time for the rocking chair. The  one that  is about to get a makeover with from a pot of Annie Sloan chalk paint. When I manage to drag myself away from the Pfaff that is!  I’ve been going to do this for years, I bought the foam pad from Wheelers in Machynlleth a long time ago, IMG_1045and the inspiration came from an Aberdashery post on Facebook when I saw this fabric.  Great paisley and complementaries  from Camelot Cottons. Lovely. The block pattern  I chose was from ‘Love Patchwork and Quiltling’ magazine. I’ve just subscribed and promised myself I will use and not IMG_1058just gaze lovingly at fabrics!                           So I’ve made a started, the original pattern was for a table runner but I liked the look of it. It took a little working out and it took me a little while to work out the fabric orientations so it’s far from perfect so needless to say I learned a lot.

The ‘Flying Geese’ were tricky, I haven’t done much with triangles really. There seemed to be lots of cutting and much more working out where everything should go.



BUT  what a lot of scraps – all of them triangles so out with the idea of both sides being the same and in with my own little scrap plan for the reverse.

I had lots of practice at quilting straight lines and zig-zags, could be better, could be worse. Must do more.

Love my heart pins but I think they’re getting blunt!

IMG_1074Anyway, we have one more cushion, it’s better than the scrappy ones that have been on there for years. Coming soon  soonish, a revamp for the chair itself. Watch this space.IMG_1073

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