Paper Piecing. What a revelation.

IMG_3412The Pineapple block is complete. I love it! Melanie said that the process would become clear after 4 pieces; and it did. I really wasn’t sure about the whole ‘cut up the fabric and sew it to the paper pattern’ thing but I think I’m a convert. I’ve been looking at blocks on Pinterest and I’m definitely going to have a go at some more in class.

Here’s how it goes:

…until it was trimmed.
…until it was trimmed.

The ‘sewing by numbers’ was absolutely necessary. I would have been clueless without them. Even with them the first few pieces made no sense. Then suddenly the revelation. I could see the pattern and could actually tell what to do next. It was curiously satisfying sewing the pieces to the paper. I loved when I pressed each one and revealed the next bit of the block. I made up the colour scheme from the Aboriginal Dots range as I went along and when all the pieces were placed I was excited about peeling off the perforated paper. Yes, I do get excited about sewing right now and long may it continue! The block looked more than a little wonky but as the pieces are roughly cut that’s not a problem. A little bit of squaring off and there it was. It just needed to be a little larger to make it the same size as the other blocks so I added 3 different widths of strips in the shot solids and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome!

I’ve been adding borders to a couple of the other blocks too. I’m planning some white sashing and borders to make a small quilt top. Look forward to posting it here but while I carry on with this in class there are other projects waiting in the wings.


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