Extra Wonky patchwork block

IMG_3896Thanks go to Darci at Stitches and Scissors for the original idea for this block. I’ve been making scrap strips for the last year from all the scraps I’ve collected and have an idea for a quilt but I needed a centre block. And what better for a scrappy quilt than a scrappy block. 

The strips are laid right side facing and at an angle, coming to a point at the bottom. I pressed each strip as I went and continued to lay them one on another making isosceles triangles joined at the apex. The blocks were like little colourful fans now.When I had made enough to cut a 3 x 8 inch block I trimmed it and started the next.



I made three of the little fans and cut them into three 3 x 8 blocks then sewed the three rectangles into a square using my trusty quarter-inch foot. What would we do without them?

IMG_3889You can find a tutorial for a mug mat using two blocks joined on Darci’s blog. She called her mug mat ‘Wonky Starburst’ so I’m following her theme and calling this extra piece block ‘Extra Wonky’.  Here it is again completed with a two and a half-inch white border.IMG_3891

So a colourful little block that might just become the centre block for a scrappy quilt …. one day!

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