Sweet Sunshine

IMG_4114Like I said, I need more practise at paper (or foundation) piecing. I do enjoy it and the method is so very versatile. I think it’s really exciting the way it comes together. BUT at the moment it’s very tricky! Placing the first couple of pieces has me laying them on the pattern every which way and I have unpicked more than once on a couple of occasions.                                                                                                                                  I will get there! It will get easier. I am determined and practise is what’s needed so when I subscribed to ‘Love Patchwork and Quilting‘ recently and saw that the ‘Block of the Month’ is paper pieced I decided to give the block and its reverse  a go. I also decided to continue to indulge my current passion Issue-4-peek-slideshow_3-300x189for orange.

Issue 4 Block of the Month is ‘Sweet Sunshine’ and is my first ever attempt at curved piecing so it was a double challenge. So not only were there were a couple of the customary paper piecing false starts (not quite as many) but also some very odd shapes an puckers in the curves.

Most of them I unpicked and did again but I fought the perfection gremlin and left  a couple of puckers in the hope of seeing progress in future blocks.                                                                                                                                     Well it can’t have been too traumatic because I went ahead and made ‘Sunshine Remix’, with the reverse placement of the patterned and plain fabrics.IMG_4119With my usual impatience I missed the step that said ‘remove the papers’ (you wouldn’t with straight seams but the curves are so different to deal with) but I found myself doing just that with the fiddly-ness of fitting the seams together. I felt relieved and just a little self-satisfied when I did read the instructions!                                       Here are the two blocks side by side.IMG_4121Seeing them like this there is one thing I’d do differently next time. I would make the four patterns more evenly dense, The leaf pattern fabric is too open compared to the other three.  So much to learn, so much from every project.                                                                                                     I’m pleased to say that I haven’t been put off, I’m ready for my next paper pieced block and I will be looking out for curved pieced blocks that catch my eye too.


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