Think Pink Envelope bag.

IMG_4182After a week of ‘Barefaced Selfies’ raising funds for Breast Cancer Charities on Facebook it seems like a good time to post my ‘Think Pink’ envelope. It’s made using fabric from the Riley Blake ‘Think Pink’ collection which was designed as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer. I only used 2 fabrics from the collection but there are other lovelies too. I was making a range of bags for packing lingerie, three to be more precise. Here they are.IMG_4185IMG_4196


The tutorial for the Little Caddy bag can be found here.


The finished envelope would be 9″ x 11″ which gave the starting point for all the measurements. It could easily be made to any size.IMG_4168Cut                                                                                                                                             Main outer fabric (fabric A):  one 12.5″ x 19.25″ piece

Lining fabric (fabric B):  one 12.5″ x 22″ piece and one 12.5″ x 3.25″

Binding (C):  one 12.5″ x 2″ strip and one 36.5″ x 2″ strip

Wadding:  one 12.5″ x 22″ piece

Press the binding fabric pieces in half lengthwise. Fold in and press quarter-inch turnings  at both ends of the longer piece before folding in half.

Make                                                                                                                                                  Use quarter-inch seams unless otherwise stated.                                            First sew fabric A piece to the smaller fabric B piece to make the outside.   If your fabric has a top and bottom make sure the narrow strip is at the right end, it will need to be at the bottom so that everything is the right way round when the fabric wraps around for the envelope. 

IMG_4171Make a sandwich with this piece the wadding and fabric B and sew together as close to the edge as possible so that the stitching won’t be visible later.

Sew the open edge of the 12.5″ strip of binding in place along the fabric A edge. Fold the binding over and pin in place on the right side.



Stitch in the ditch between fabric A and the binding making sure that you are catching the binding on the wrong side.

Fold into the envelope shape so that the side of the envelope measures 9″ and sew along the two sides. Make the seams less than a quarter of an inch.                                                                                                        IMG_4179


The binding will cover this seam.



IMG_4178I chose buttons for my fastening so at this point I made two button holes in the flap.                    Measure the centre and then make the buttonholes halfway between the centre and the outside edges.

Trim the corners of the fabric B strip on the flap to make it easier to sew the binding in place around the edge.  Sew the binding in place on the back of the envelope, starting from the bottom of one side, going along the flap edge then down the other side.


Turn the binding over the edge, pin in place and stitch as for the first piece of binding.



To finish sew the buttons in place.



The bag was a really easy make and was  finished in about an hour.  Useful and versatile too. I think I may be making a few of these too.

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